I know there’re a few categories without a Runner-Up but some people have obviously not read the rules so I’d do disqualify them and I’ve had too many nice blogs in a few categories and in some it was so hard to even find one so I decided to just make one Runner-Up each so if you’re in a category you think you don’t belong - I’m sure you do so for all who’re listed down there:

Congratulations, you won! ;)

I’ll make the Prizes over the week/weekend and next week, depends on how I’ve time but be sure you’ll get everything you deserve, I’ve studied every blog carefully. :3 And thank you again for participating, I really love you all so much! x3

Best URL:

➣ Winner:
   ❧ wereallbloodyinspiredthomas 

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ caslovesburgers

Best Maze Runner:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ bloodyhellnewt

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ teresathebeetrainer 

Best Teen Wolf:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ lukeassqualino 

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ thewinterglader

Best Doctor Who:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ onlyholmes

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ owlcitymordred

Best Merlin:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ colinmorgain

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ raggedypendragons 

Best Reign:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ newtsglader

Best Alex Vlahos:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ thewinterdruid

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ jelazakazone

Best Dylan O’Brien:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ greeniestom 

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ crankys 

Best Tom Hiddleston:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ team-laufeyson

Best Multifandom:

➣ Winner: 
   ❧ drary

➣ Runner-Up:
   ❧ itsmaleficentbitch 

!!!!! thanks so much :D :D

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tmi/tid meme: two colors

gold [2/2] ”Gold for a bride in her wedding gown.”

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I wonder what my friends say about me when i’m not around because i’m sure it’s not nice things

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"I’ll distract them all," she said. "Use your Cloak." And before he [Harry] could say a word, she had cried, "Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!" and pointed out the window.

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i want to be best friends with someone on here and skype and text all the time and watch stupid movies and talk about boys and girls and i just want friends

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    Almost Spoiler-free Summary of Cap 2

  • Steve: Let's be friends
  • Nat: No. *vaguely alludes to tragic backstory*
  • Steve: *jumps off stuff*
  • Steve: Let's be friends
  • Fury: Hell no. *vaguely alludes to tragic backstory*
  • Steve: *jumps off stuff*
  • Steve: We're friends
  • Bucky: *doesn't remember tragic backstory*
  • Steve: *jumps off stuff*
  • Steve: Let's be friends
  • Sam: HELL YEAH
  • Steve: *jumps off stuff with Sam*
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Harry Potter Challenge: Four Locations⤵

#1: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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some things you may have not known about The Fault In Our Stars

  • Augustus’ name symbolizes water. obviously, there is a lot of water in the book, it is nourishing and reviving and it symbolizes the doctors taking away the water out of Hazel’s lungs  
  • the reason why Augustus always calls hazel, “Hazel Grace” is because in one point of the book Hazel tells him that she likes people with two names, so simultaneously Augustus calls her, Hazel Grace.
  • On the plane when they are watching 300, Augutus’ movie starts and ends first, and it foreshadows his death.
  • Isaac (according to John Green) was not named Isaac because his eyes are sick, ha ha ha, but because in other references, Isaac’s are old men who live to tell the tale’s of star crossed lovers and other heroic adventures.
  • In one point of the book, Gus says to Hazel “You used to call me Augustus”. Basically, Augustus is a strong name, it’s healthy and stable. Hazel, without even realizing it, starts calling him Gus, which is weaker and more unstable when he tells her of his cancer.
  • Augustus and Anne Frank have very similar coincidences. He had cancer and he underwent an operation to hopefully cure him of his cancer, only to die. And Anne Frank went into hiding with the hope of being free, but ended up dying. And it’s also not a coincidence that they made out in the Anne Frank house. 
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